Most of what is sold today is through a story.
Writing being my profession, I offer my help to write a story to sell.

Ghost writer

You have always dreamed of publishing an absolutely incredible story.
The problem? You can’t write…
Don’t worry, I’ll lend you my pen!


Prompt express


A basic idea from which to build an ad or story.

Up to 300 words

Delivery within 7 days

Not positionable on keyword

No touch up included



A synopsis that lays the foundation of your legend.

Up to 800 words

Delivery within 14 days

Not positionable on keyword

1 touch up included

A story to sell


A complete story, to publish wherever you want

Up to 1200 words

Delivery within 21 days

Positionable on keyword

2 touch ups included


Who the heck is “Julie -Animithra- FERRIER”?

Born in the Drôme in 1887 according to social security and more likely in 1987 in real life, I am the strange mix between a Spanish family and an Algerian family, various atypies and a broken childhood on one of the many altars of the now misnamed Child Welfare.

Books became a refuge, and armed with a superpower called hyperphantasia, the more works I devoured, the more ideas my brain overflowed to produce my own stories.

Under the watchful eye of a mentor and the motto “Nulla dies sine linea” (never a day without a line), I began to write, in rhymes or not, again and again, day after day, to the point that at one time, I could produce poems of several dozen alexandrines without spending more than a few minutes.

And then a specific interest in computer science led me to get closer to the geek sphere and the world of role-playing, which I already knew a little with the books of which you are the hero.

I left the plays of Racine, Molière and other Ionesco, to dive into King, Tolkien, Fetjaine…

And I came back to this in part, developing a specific interest in the law and the necessary eloquence of pleadings.

The end of my studies in infocom marked the beginning of the professionalization of my pen and in 2018, I wrote no less than 101 stories for my clientele.

My first shots were convincing enough 87% of the time, I came out with a fantasy story, initially written on the sidelines of role-playing tables that I participated in when I was not organizing them myself and I reworked it until I was satisfied; and thus was born the first volume of the Orkradourian adventurers.

Reading and writing were the essence of my survival to a broken childhood, a long medical wandering, days and nights on the street.
I hope my writing can give as much rage and hope as I received at the time.


Free chapters

Spiders Hunters Chapter 1 – The greater good

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