Hello English Friends!

Few months back, I would never have imagined I would be writing this post; I have always doubted myself a lot, it was quite the journey to make it until today.
But I am glad I did and I start writing to and for you too.

So here we are and I wanted to make sure you know some things that are important to me.

First of all: I know, my English is kind of rusty.
I am French and I fear I am a living cliché about how we never get English properly.
And you are only reading it right now, imagine when you will hear my audio or video book chronicles…
I know you will be tempted to moke my poor pronounciation, the same way you will ache until you feel you have to tell me some sentence was so wrong…
Don’t wait until it hurts you; you are very allowed to point out any mistake I would make (in a polite and/or funny way, obviously; don’t be mean, I know I am not a great English speaker, that world is dark enough to be soft on me when you let me know I am wrong about something).

Now… About what I write.
I am an author and a ghostwriter.
I get paid to write stories about products and services, for companies I meticulously select, because I wanna ensure they are not known for promoting some values I wouldn’t agree with (racism, ableism, LGBTQIA+phobia, etc).
This kind of story ends up on paper ads or can be used as a scenario for video ads; for instance, I wrote a short story for the leaping leopard sriracha sauce that was used as the main line in an advert and a long story for some award-winning champagne to be used as a scenario where this champagne was served at a prestigious wedding.
I also ghostwrite books, I have to say mainly technical books about IT, sales, etc, and biographies from time to time.
And, well, I write my own stories, as you will discover through this website 😉

And you should also know a little about… me.
From time to time, in my posts, you will read something like “a famous case”, “the dark case”, “you know the case”: this is a reference to some harsh story I went through between mid october 2018 and early may 2023.
Long story short: I had, through my IT company, a client who lied about many things, manipulated many people and when I quitted, decide that because I exposed him, he will try his best to destroy me.
That person assumed to be alt-right, is LGBTQIA+phobic, racist, etc.
He stalks me, has people harass and threaten me and caused me real big trouble.
And… ACAB.
I lost a friend over this story (and when I say “lost” I do not mean we are not friends anymore, I am, indeed, talking about loss).
I went through a real dark path and I am grateful to my dearest friends who helped me see how I could overcome all of this and live again, despite the fact that person will always exist and try to hurt me.

You also have to know, I am very politically engaged.
I grew up in a foster family and I have seen how the system I thought was hell in my childhood became even worse, in a country where our President himself speak about the “children of the nation” as people whose existence is an issue.
We are 25 % of the homeless people of our country, because from one government to another, noone will do what’s needed to protect us and allow us to live rather than survive.
Welcome to the French child welfare devilish company x)

As many children who were “taken care of” by the nation, I am metis: my father’s family came from Spain, and my mother’s family came from Algeria.
I am also neurodivergent, prediagnosed with AuDHD after being diagnosed with autism as a child, right before the system had my shrink fired and the diagnos erased.
At this point, I am pretty sure you understand the racist and ableist basis of our “child welfare” system.

And since I was already in a good spot to be hated by closed-minded people, why not be non-binary too, uh?
So yeah, I would rather have you use the they/them pronouns with/about me.
And for the folks who hope I will be more precise: I am genderfluid; I admit I do not speak a lot about it, because I still feel very privilegied regarding the trans condition; I do have to do with dysphoria and many other issues but at least, most of the time, haters misgender me on purpose when they get the chance when they can physically harm our trans brothers and sisters, so I still feel like I have not much to say and only support to give to the community.

All of those life experiences are what have me own a small company (working in a usual company with my AuDHD was impossible and I wanted to also be able to hire fellow disabled / racialized / LGBTQIA+ people) and build a foundation with friends, to help our communities to gain access to what anyone should have access to in life (food, clothes, education, home, etc).

Am I a wealthy and healthy bitch?
Because in addition to everything I have told you about so far, I am also a single mother of two adorable mini me (yep, as neurodivergent and queer as I).
Sometimes I can’t make ends meet, sometimes it gets better.
But one way or the other, I believe I still owe my communities so I give time if I can’t give more.

And all of that is also why I am an author.
I (mainly) write fantasy novels but they get as politically engaged as I am.
The Orkradourian adventurers books talk about society, about gender, equity, respect, friendship, systemic and non systemic violences, love, religions, power, corruption…
One of my main characted is a fairy, priestess, destined to be an archangel who was not born in the body she now possess and who learned the hard way how to live in a world where the religious order she belong into would like her not to exist.
I have an autistic warrior who struggles with what she knows to be right, what her guts tell her, what her atypical mind wants her to do.
I have a dwarf who is learning that all his sexist jokes should be kept for him and who stood up for an elf because no matter how much of a misogynist he pretends to be, that’s just what he thinks society expects of him.

And that’s not half of what I inject in my stories.
I want them to evolve (or not) with us, to question everything one could believe, to suffer not for the main purpose of making them suffer but to learn things, confront their belief, etc.

And… since I do believe, it is very important to talk about all of that, not only with adults but with children, with another approach, maybe kinder, at least less brutal and more accessible, I also write children books with my son.
We are starting a collection to talk about ADHD, first book will be entitled “Allen against Dyschronia” and will explain how time goes by differently for ADHD people.
Our goal is to have those books read by both parents and children so both of them can understand the struggles and the solutions ADHD people meet.

And another issue is… how long of a story I can write to give you “few words” about me x)
But now you should get who I am, at least a good part of it.
Feel free to introduce yourself in the comment section 🙂

And have the wonderful day/evening/night you deserve!

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    • Julie -Animithra- FERRIER Post author

      Thank you for your kind comment!
      I took a look at your website and I like the idea of centralization of knowledge.
      What about a collab?
      I could think about stories to advert about it you could use over social networks and/or youtube.
      Let me know if that sounds great, you can reach me here or via FaceBook (link in the footer).

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